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I love this lyric by Misty Edward from IHOP.

Jesus is Lord. He is not a baby in a manger any more. He is not a broken man on the cross. He did not stay in the grave. And He is not staying in heaven forever.

He is coming.

Are you ready?

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    Correct Way to Use Cotton Pads

    4 years ago

    You may use around ten cotton pads a day. But, have you used them effectively? Using the cotton pads correctly and effectively can help enhance the function of your skin care products. Of course, there is no difficult...

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    Chan Tai Chi Story

    4 years ago

    The advanced Chinese Kung Fu Tai Chi became known to people in 1850 when the master Yeung brought the Chan’s Tai Chi to Beijing. The combat system was then being taught and study widely in China. Many different...

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    How to Choose Your Glasses

    4 years ago

    When you purchase a pair of glasses, the optometrist will give you the prescription telling you the strength of your eyes or your vision power.  I here introduce you four common terms that you may see on the...

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    How to Do a Good Negotiation

    4 years ago

    The word negotiation to many people is a nightmare. They think they are not good speakers, therefore, they are not good negotiators. They think the ability to be a negotiator is in-born and you are if you are born to...

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    How to Shape Children with Desired Behaviour

    4 years ago

    Children are always lovely though sometimes they behave bad. Different children behave differently according to their own background, culture and the people that they are in contact. Being the parents, you certainly...

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    Prophetic Dreams – Divine Communication Between God and Man

    4 years ago

    In the Bible, we can see a lot of examples in which God talks to man with prophetic dreams. People like Joseph, Jacob, even the wise men from the East had experiences of being led by the Lord with dreams. The Bible...

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